MAXPRO elite condoms
Larger than the rest, MAXPRO elite condoms are designed to accommodate your huge… ego. Stay classy. Be elite.

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Flared Shape
Secure fit at the base but flared up the shaft for extra room.

Classic lube.
Silky silicone based lube to keep it going all night.

Aluminum case.
12 packs come in a sleek, metal case.

Extra Large Condoms

The big boys need more room to play, and extra large condoms make playtime comfortable again. MAXPRO elite XL condoms are designed with a secure fit and flared shaft to provide the comfort and security you have been looking for since you first discovered that you aren’t like all the other boys. Extra large condoms slide on easily and cut back on those fiddly moments that inevitably arise when you forgot to pack your XL condoms. These are the first extra large condoms designed specifically with your needs in mind, complete with high-quality silicone based lubricant for your partner’s needs too. Elite condoms come in a suitably sleek black wrapper and classy aluminium tin, making sure the business of looking after your business is well and truly taken care of. Experience the difference provided by premium extra large condoms and finally find the room to express yourself.

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Max Pro Condoms Elite
Big boys deserve a comfortable fit just as much as the others, after all, you can't help it if you're larger than the rest. That's why the MAXPRO elite condoms were invented, specifically with you in mind. Slide your ego into a securely crafted shaft designed for optimal play while giving you the comfort and security needed to enjoy yourself.

We know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment, and that's why these xl condoms were designed to slide on quickly without jeopardizing the security of the fit. Unlike other large condoms which can slip while you're having fun, these large condoms cling securely to your shaft ensuring protection no matter method of enjoyment you're partaking in. While these extra large condoms are designed to give you a secure fit, they also give you the added bonus of a flare shaft at the end as well, giving you a little extra room, for optimal playing and enjoyment.

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about your partner either. We know those who date men of such a high stature can experience difficulty getting things started, and that's why we were sure to include only the best form of silicone based lubricant. Now your partner will be sure to enjoy the night just as much as you are.

The MAXPRO elite condoms come in a sleek and classy tin that will easily fit in any pocket or glove compartment. While these xl condoms were designed specifically to make taking care of your business as easy experience, they also come with the added bonus of being comfortable and enjoyable as well. While earing a condom is important, we believe you should never have to sacrifice comfort for security, and with our extra large condoms, you no longer have to.

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